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I  love my job as a personal chef but it can be physically and mentally draining at times. The fast-paced nature of cooking, extreme multi-tasking, and concentration to stay present in the moment as you're on a time crunch to get to your next client is usually a fun challenge. On the other hand, it is also easy to get stressed out and not appreciate the gift and opportunities that I've been given. Lately, to keep myself in a growth mindset, I have consciously been trying to be aware of the food that I throw out throughout the day as I cook. I often go on autopilot as I prep veggies and it wasn't until I made the active decision to look at my food waste that I noticed how much there actually was.

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February Recipe of the Month: Cauliflower Rice & Kale Soup

Listed as the "it" vegetable of 2018, cauliflower has taken an interesting turn in the food world as people turn to gluten-free and low carbs options more than ever before. Roasted cauliflower steaks and cauliflower rice are two of the most common ways that I see this veggie being utilized. Adding cauliflower rice to a soup is the perfect way to substitute rice, lentils, and other high-carb grains. Cauliflower rice easily takes on the flavors of whatever you are cooking it with and can be made in five minutes with a food processor. This soup can be a perfect weeknight dinner with a side salad. Add in avocado or a turkey meatballs for  extra protein and you're set!

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January Recipe of the Month: Layered Winter Veggies

As the excitement of the new year starts to dull down, many of our clients' willpower are tested and they rely on us to keep their healthy eating game strong. Our goal is to provide our clients with food that is not only nutritious but something to look forward to after a long day. Whether it's a healthier version of a childhood favorite or a new type of cuisine that we gently pushed them to try, it is truly rewarding to help others on their way to a healthy lifestyle. By doing our part we hope to keep on motivating our clients and all those who read our blog!

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