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January Recipe of the Month: Layered Winter Veggies

As the excitement of the new year starts to dull down, many of our clients' willpower are tested and they rely on us to keep their healthy eating game strong. Our goal is to provide our clients with food that is not only nutritious but something to look forward to after a long day. Whether it's a healthier version of a childhood favorite or a new type of cuisine that we gently pushed them to try, it is truly rewarding to help others on their way to a healthy lifestyle. By doing our part we hope to keep on motivating our clients and all those who read our blog!

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"Let Food be Thy Medicine"

As a personal chef, winter time to me means heartier dishes, full-bodied flavors, and lots of great soup recipes that I get to try out. Unfortunately, amidst the holiday cheer and snow is the common cold or worse, the dreaded flu. As a professional who works in people’s homes, it is important to take care of myself, to remain healthy, and most importantly, not get any of my clients sick. I am a firm believer in using herbs and food to heal our bodies whenever possible. It is especially easy in New York where we have access to plenty of health food stores and a wide variety of  produce.

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