Frequently Asked Questions


When will we be billed for your service?

Clients that are doing a trial will be billed prior to the scheduled date of service. Regularly scheduled clients will be billed in monthly increments for all sessions upfront. We will provide a credit-card authorization form that allows us to charge for our service & groceries. An invoice will be sent to you outlining the charges and there are no additional fees or taxes.

How does the grocery shopping work?

A week before your scheduled visit, food selections will be emailed and you will submit your choices back to us. We will then come up with a grocery list and order groceries to your door through your preferred grocery store. You can provide us with your account log-in and password or fill out a credit card authorization form that allows us to charge your card. 


Can we use your service if we have dietary restrictions or allergies?

Of course! Each of our clients receive customized food selections based on their food preferences,  allergies, and any dietary restrictions. We are used to cooking for a wide variety of clients and will go into specifics during your initial consultation and again on our Client Questionnaire. If your restrictions are very specific, we can also coordinate with a dietitian to get on-board with your food plan and goals. 

Can you cook in our kitchen if it has limited space and/or equipment?

Kitchens on the smaller side are a given in Manhattan and we are used to cooking in them. During your initial consultation, we will do a kitchen and pantry inventory that will give us more of an idea as to what you already have in addition to your food preferences. If needed we do bring some cooking items with us (food processor, mandolin, immersion blender, etc.) 

How does your CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) package work?

Prior to the start of the CSA (some are seasonal and some are available year-round), we will let our clients know about the local farms that we are partnering with for the year. We will provide more info on our CSA page that gives further details about the farm, pricing, forms to fill out, etc.

Forms and payment will be sent to M.M. Meals and we will then pick-up your CSA produce on a weekly basis and utilize it in your dishes. Any remaining produce will be cleaned and ready for your family to eat!

The farm will let us know ahead of time what produce our clients will be receiving for the following week.  This will help us to tailor our menu selections that we send out to you.


What does a typical weekly package include?

One of our more popular packages includes meals for three full dinners for a family of four. This is a great option that will get your family through the chaos of the week with a bunch of versatile options. Included is a choice of soup or salad, three main dishes, and five sides. Selections will change on a weekly basis and we encourage feedback and suggestions.

Our pricing is determined  after assessing our clients needs, frequency of service, number of portions, etc. but starts at $350 and up per scheduled visit. 


Can we watch you cook or have our  children be present?

Absolutely! We would love to talk with your family about healthy eating while preparing your dishes. Or feel free to leave the house, whatever is comfortable for you.