The Process

1. Complimentary Consultation: 

We will meet in-person or schedule a phone call to assess your family's needs & food preferences/dietary restrictions. 

2. Client Questionnaire & Kitchen Inventory: 

This will give us more info about how to tailor your food selections & knowledge of existing pantry items/kitchen equipment.

3. Customized Meal Selections:

Sent via email on a weekly basis. Simply check off what you would like for the week and submit back.

4. Groceries:

Any necessary ingredients will be purchased online through your preferred store and delivered to your door prior to your scheduled service

5. Cooking & Clean-up:

On the day of your scheduled service, your weekly menu selections will be created from the comfort of your home and neatly stored. Any dishes and cooking equipment will be cleaned and your kitchen will be left spotless!

Enjoy home-cooked meals with your family!