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March Recipe of the Month: Roasted Salmon with Carrot Top Chimichurri

Continuing with our stem-to-root cooking, this recipe is a great way to use those carrot greens that you never know what to do with!  Earlier on in the week, I had made black bean and carrot soup and had a huge bunch of beautiful carrot greens remaining. They personally taste like a slightly bitter version of parsley and you would never know that they are the main ingredient in this chimichurri. Having a bold, earthy sauce like this compliments the soft, mild taste of the salmon while the sweet, orange parsnip mash provides good contrast. I used parsley along with the carrot greens because I had them on hand but feel free to add other herbs. 

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January Recipe of the Month: Layered Winter Veggies

As the excitement of the new year starts to dull down, many of our clients' willpower are tested and they rely on us to keep their healthy eating game strong. Our goal is to provide our clients with food that is not only nutritious but something to look forward to after a long day. Whether it's a healthier version of a childhood favorite or a new type of cuisine that we gently pushed them to try, it is truly rewarding to help others on their way to a healthy lifestyle. By doing our part we hope to keep on motivating our clients and all those who read our blog!

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