Lunch Ideas For The Fall

It's the end of summer and fall is upon us. For me, the change in season brings more clients & cooking as families return to their full-time schedule in the city. Fall is my favorite season as it is and being able to cook in cool, crisp air is an added bonus! 

As a personal chef service, we help bring families together through food, specifically healthy ones. I enjoy meal prepping and packing lunches for different family members as simple as it may be. From personal experience, I know a hearty lunch with items that you are looking forward to can make a big difference in the day. That is our intention when designing menus for a client. 

Whether prepping for adults or kids, lunch is an important meal. Here are some quick lunch ideas to inspire you to make lunch at home:

Some Lunch Ideas:


Switching out ingredients regularly & making homemade dressing. Changing up your weekly ingredients-the type of lettuce, veggie, nuts, protein, & dressing will give you something to look forward to. I prep and store my salad ingredients separately to maximize freshness and combine in the morning.

My current go-to salad is mixed greens, roasted beets, almonds, pomegranate seeds and quinoa. The almonds provide protein and the quinoa makes it more filling. This salad can easily be packed and you can put the dressing in a separate container so the lettuce doesn't wilt.


Screen Shot 2018-08-28 at 12.36.33 PM.png

Cold or Hot Soup

Making big batches of soup is easy to do and can also be frozen for further use down the road. Our tomato and fennel soup tastes great chilled or at room temperature on the days when there is still warm weather! Pack in Tupperware and you have an easy lunch!


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Dips are a great accompaniment to your lunch or as a mid-day snack! The versatility of options to go with (fruit, pita chips, veggies, etc.) make for a snack that can be prepared for the whole family. I've recently been making vegan avocado dip and switching up the veggies to go with on a weekly basis. I  go to the farmers market to buy produce that is in-season and pick a variety of veggies in each color.  

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