Healthy Barbecue Ideas

With the first weekend of summer upon us, I am excited at the thought of making lighter dishes and  doing summer time activities like going to the farmers market. One of my favorite things is grilling by my parents pool. The smells, rituals, and food associated with it bring back a wave of nostalgia as a child (not to mention avoiding a hot, stuffy  kitchen.) Grilling is a great way to maximize flavor in healthy ingredients. Marinating chicken breasts, seafood, and veggies in fresh herbs and acids instead of butter is not only easy to do but allows for more time to mingle with your guests when entertaining.. This  Memorial Day I am making chicken and shrimp in a ginger, soy, lime, and cilantro marinade. The veggie skewers to go with it will be brushed with avocado oil and lightly seasoned with cumin before being lightly grilled.

Since summer and backyard barbeques go hand in hand, a little bit of prep and menu planning won’t only save you time but keep your healthy lifestyle on track.

As a personal chef, these are some of the tips that I follow when grilling.

Here are 5 Healthy Tips for Barbecuing this Memorial Day:

  1. Start with a clean grill. It is important not to let the buildup on the grill from previous use to transfer to your meal. Simply use a wire brush and give your grill a scrub down. Then wipe with a cloth.

  2. Watch the sauce. Most traditional BBQ are loaded with sugar and salt, Lighten your BBQ sauce by swapping out the sugar for a sugar substitute and adding liquid smoke flavoring.

  3. Trim the fat. Trim off excess fat and skin from meats prior to grilling to keep calorie and fat counts low. Rely on oil and herbs for added flavor.

  4. Ditch the Mayo. You can avoid the mayonnaise heavy side salads this summer by opting for German-style potato salad and sweet, tangy coleslaw.